RELEASE DATE: 2001-2015

  1. 1-Impresiones porteñas (8tet) 5:48
  2. 2-Ostinando (orchestra) 0:56
  3. 3-Bailecito (duo) 2:20
  4. 4-Sonor tango (7tet) (extract) 1:27
  5. 5-Cerca del acantilado (duo) 3:10
  6. 6-Preludio sudamericano I (for piano) 2:38

Concert music

Original compositions for the stage.

1-For wind octet. World premiere in Buenos Aires at Usina del Arte by “Octeto académico”.
2-For string orchestra. Recorded by the “Bratislava Symphony Orchestra”.
3-Duet for bassoon & piano. From the Ezequiel Fainguesrch’s Album “Tradiciones y variantes” with the composer at the piano.
4-For septet (string quintet, clarinet & piano). Live recording in Madrid by “Sonor Ensemble”.
5-For 2 guitars. Recorded by the “Saldaña-Bravo Dúo”.
6-For piano. Live recording at the Salon Dorado of the “Teatro Colon” of Buenos Aires, performed by the composer.